I am a 68-year old male who has been active all my life. Long distance walking, tennis and bicycle riding are just some of the activities that have been an integral part of my life.
I started experiencing severe pain in my lower back. An MRI showed that all five (5) of my lumbar discs were herniated. These herniated discs were the cause of my pain.
Two of my friends, who are nurses, strongly suggested that I contact a neurosurgeon to schedule surgery as soon as possible.
I researched the options for repair—surgery and decompression. I chose to try decompression, as I did not want to start off with an invasive procedure.
After three (3) weeks of treatment, I am able to play tennis, ride my bicycle and walk with my wife nightly—pain free!
I am so glad that I chose to have the decompression therapy with Dr. Nahali and Mari.

About the Author Dr. David Nahali

Dr. David Nahali, D.C. has over 16 years of experience in non-surgical treatment of the spine Dr. David Nahali,D.C., is an international authority on Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

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